Are you looking for promotional opportunities for your edtech app, tool, or resource? If so, you may be interested in the following. Over the next year, The Tech Edvocate plans to publish almost 400 articles that list the best edtech apps, tools, and products in 400 education-related categories. Here is the link to the preliminary list:

For $500, you can have your app, tool, or resource included in one of our lists as a “sponsored listing.” For each additional list, the fee would be $300. What are the benefits of being included on this list?

  • Your article will be listed in the top ¼ of the article. Meaning, if 12 apps, tools, or resources are listed, yours will be listed in the top 4, which gives you higher visibility.
  • You can write your own 50-75 description of your product and include up to 3 links. This allows you to control the marketing of your product.
  • Those 3 links will be do-follow which gives you tremendous SEO benefits
  • Your listing will be permanent.
  • All articles are shared on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

For an example of what is possible, check out the following article:

If interested, please email us at [email protected] to get started.