Product Reviews

Would you like The Edvocate to review your EdTech related product? Our product-review editors spend hands-on time with EdTech devices, platforms, software, apps, etc.; putting them through rigorous testing to produce informed, practical and impartial reviews. Our readers use our product reviews to get a better feel for whether a product will fit their needs, and help them make a better buying decision. Because of the time consuming nature of the review process, we charge a fee of $1500 to conduct a product review.

The Edvocate features the most comprehensive and thorough EdTech product reviews on the web. The best way to get your product reviewed is to pitch it, via e-mail, to When pitching your product, be sure to include the following information:

  • Overview of the product and how it can be used in P-20 education
  • A press kit
  • Availability status (it can be in development but needs to be a product that will reach consumers soon)
  • Price
  • Status of review models
  • Product photos