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Edupedia is a digital encyclopedia/glossary/dictionary hybrid that allows its user to find well-researched information on any education-related topic. Some entries are only a few sentences and define basic educational terms. Other listings are one to two paragraphs long, cover foundational educational concepts and resemble your traditional glossary entry. The last type of listing is more expansive, includes several sections and resembles full-length encyclopedic entries.

Our entries are written in accesible language, staying away from unecessary jargon and academic language, when possible. Edupedia is continuously updated, and reinvents itself as the field evolves, serving as an authoritative resource for knowledge and information about teaching and learning.

Edupedia covers widely and seldom used education terms, concepts, ideas, and strategies. Each entry contains a definition of its topic and if warranted explains what how educators, administrator’s students, parents, policymakers, journalists, etc. can use this information to become better informed and when necessary; take action. From there we continue the discussion with essential information that reveals the nuances of the topic.

Whenever possible, we stay away from including education data in our content, as it is in a constant state of fluctuation, and is too perishable to keep up with. Edupedia is a must-have for anyone interested in finding out how education and the teaching and learning process work.

Well, that’s about it. If you have any questions, send us an email or contact us via social media.

Matthew Lynch, Publisher and Editor of Edupedia

Footnote: Edupedia is considered a resource of The Edvocate, and not a separate site.

How to Use Edupedia

You can search for information about any education-related term by using the search boxes located:

  1. In the middle of the homepage
  2. In the upper right corner of each page’s header
  3. On the sidebar of the post and category pages

If you are interested in learning all of the terminologies for an entire discipline of education, use our “All Categories” page.

If you search for a term and don’t find it, please let us know, and we will create one and email you when it has been published.

Submit an Entry

Let’s face it, the content on Edupedia is far from exhaustive. We will continue to post new entries on a regular basis, but we cannot complete this gargantuan task alone. If you would like to submit an entry for consideration, send us a pitch via email at [email protected]. At this time, we are ONLY interested in long-form entries of 500 words or better.

In your pitch, tell us:

  1. Your Name, Credentials, and Current Affiliation
  2. Information About Your Proposed Entry
  3. What Makes You an Authority on the Subject?
  4. If Approved, What is Your Proposed Timeline for Submission?
  5. Your Contact Information

Because of time constraints, incomplete pitches will be ignored. Please don’t suggest a topic that is already covered on Edupedia.


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